Spring 2021 found Maison Belmont crossing paths with London-based label Wings of Wisdom, known for its collection of exquisite objects for the person and the home. Together, the two houses have created Shifted Paradigm, a range of precious jewellery that draws its strength from ancient allegories. This collection comprises pendants, rings, necklaces and bracelets fashioned in 18-carat gold, set with precious gemstones, crafted in the workshops of renowned artisans in vibrant Istanbul.

Real eye-catcher and centerpiece of this collection, the Memento Mori ring is an allegory of life, a jewel that reminds us to cherish every precious moment. Inspired by the Renaissance and fully customisable, this ring is fashioned in 18-carat gold and set with diamonds and other gemstones, with coloured lacquer. As precious as it is mysterious, the jewel divides into two parts to reveal a secret message engraved within.

Dive into the creation process of a Memento Mori ring and create your own piece with your favourite gemstones, colours and engraved message.

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Finely engraved and designed to measure, these delicate and complex jewels contain secrets from another time, each piece functioning as a work of art telling its own story. Shifted Paradigm is conceived as a collection of fashion accessories – precious, playful and joyful – at the intersection of multiple cultures and sources of inspiration.

This collection is available for sale online and at the Charivari boutique in Geneva, rue d’Italie 8.

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