Drawing inspiration from the Renaissance and its masquerade balls, and from the interior world and its iconic pieces, the jewellery editions by Maison Belmont reflect, always in a joyful manner, the varied passions and diverse interests of the brand founder. With this collection, Sarah Mugnier also pays tribute to the architectural character of the Belmont building itself: the octagon, hidden in the ceiling of the main rooms, is placed at the heart of this flamboyant selection.

Crafted by top-level artisans, each piece is like a treasure. These items of kinetic jewellery emphasise the aesthetics of movement. Shapes, colours and perspectives induced by movement or velocity are expressed through these original and innovative objects.

"I’m committed to working with the best craftspeople, each of whom excels in their field of expertise. I made life difficult for some, because several aspects of my creations contain technical features that had to be mastered! It’s very rewarding to interact with all these artisans, who are so passionate about their art and keen to find solutions in a collaborative way. Every time, I’m delighted, fascinated and very moved to discover the finished pieces"

declares Sarah Mugnier.

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