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To walk through the door of the Maison Belmont is to enter another world, a universe of possibilities, a fascinating journey that sparks dreams!

Nestled in the heart of Geneva's Eaux-Vives district, Maison Belmont has been home to the showroom of the eponymous jewellery brand since 2022. This superb edifice, part of Geneva's heritage, was built in 1911 by Swiss architect Edmond Fatio pioneered in Geneva. Rooted in local traditions, it is a style characterised by a multitude of finely worked details such as structural and decorative woodwork, coffered ceilings, geometric patterns and cornices.

Now completely renovated by Sarah Mugnier, the imposing residence has been transformed into a place of exceptional refinement, ready to welcome guests. The Geneva-based entrepreneur and gemmologist has thus created a magnificent showcase for her jewellery collections and for receiving her clientele. Maison Belmont also provides a warm and intimate atmosphere for hosting special events focusing on craftsmanship, luxury, art, know-how or design.

An ardent devotee of arts & crafts and antique objects, Sarah Mugnier made a dream come true by gathering a multitude of craftspeople and experts in order to bring her project to life. All the furniture and accessories in the showroom, and throughout the building, are custom- made. While enjoying a tea or a cocktail, guests can discover the jewellery editions and a selection of antique pieces in a warm ambience and an exceptional setting, yet feeling like at home


To design the lobby and dress the imposing staircase, Sarah Mugnier gave carte blanche to the talented Parisian scenographer and designer Vincent Darré: The Maison Darré conceived a monumental mural painting, as well as bespoke furniture and lighting.

The entrance is thus adorned with a sculptural cupboard featuring stained glass windows in shades of blue and green. Fashioned from black lacquered wood, it offers a subtle play of reflections, while the central mirrors are as functional as they are decorative.

Serving all floors of the house, the sublime original wooden staircase is highlighted by a giant mural conceived by Vincent Darré and entirely hand painted by the French artist Raphaël Schmitt. This fresco – which also covers the built-in cupboards on the first floor of the showroom – features exotic animals and lush vegetation in which the brand’s jewellery objects are subtly concealed. Vincent Darré also created the Murano glass chandelier showcased within the entire height of the stairwell. The bronze wall lights and the table lamp also stem from the Parisian designer’s boundless imagination.

Delighted to collaborate with Vincent Darré, Sarah Mugnier explains: “In this period house dating from 1911, I wanted extravagance and the best in craftsmanship, but also a use of colour that instantly makes people happy. I sensed that Vincent Darré’s artistic vision, tinged with mystery and dreaminess, would be a perfect fit for this atypical venue. We have values in common, so it is both a joy and an honour to work with the Maison Darré.

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