Tribute to fine craftsmanship

More than a jewellery brand, Maison Belmont is a unique concept that can be experienced, a singular experience that is shared, a place of wonders and encounters where passion for craftmanship and a keen interest in things of beauty are one.

Born from the imagination of the founder of Maison Belmont, Sarah Mugnier, the first jewellery collection, as well as the one-of-a-kind showroom, came to life in 2022. To imagine and develop her pieces of jewellery, she draws her inspiration from her multiple passions, which she is keen to pass on. With Maison Belmont, this native of Geneva is seeking to offer an enriching human experience that highlights fine craftsmanship, whether in architecture or jewellery. Firstly by welcoming her guests into a world that invites them to dream and travel, and then by introducing them to precious jewellery as well as decorative, antique objects.

To bring her vision to life, the gemologist, a graduate of the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), gathers experienced craftspeople who master their art. She also invites artists and other labels to collaborate on certain collections. Each collection tells a new story, a contemporary tale or an imaginary world, always sublimated by a passion for gemstones and jewellery. Maison Belmont is a joyful expression of her creativity.

“What I like about coloured stones and diamonds is their deeply natural and authentic origin. I love knowing that such wonders of nature can then be meticulously handcrafted and worn for our pleasure. Working with this beautiful substance reinforces the idea that jewellery is a fabulous world where creativity has no limits. What I particularly like in the choice of stones for my creations is the colour, the colour and yet more colour! The provenance of each stone or diamond takes us on a journey through the five continents and brings an unparalleled richness to my creations.”

says the founder of Maison Belmont.

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