Fantasmagoria with Vincent Darré

Defying classical jewellery codes with its creations that are as subtle as they are surprising, Maison Belmont is keen to honour fine craftsmanship and traditional expertise against a backdrop of the idea that anything is possible and nothing is ever too beautiful to exist. This first collection of artist’s jewellery, created in collaboration with the Parisian interior architect and designer Vincent Darré, take us to a place where real and imaginary worlds come together.

The artistic collaboration between Maison Belmont and Vincent Darré gave rise to the collection Fantasmagoria, which includes four jewellery creations – real objects of desire – that blur the boundary between dreams and reality and are imbued with fantasy and audacity. These sculptural pieces give life to mythological figures, part fairies, part fantastical visions.

“I wanted to create jewellery with a powerful identity, with recognisable aesthetic codes. By paying close attention to and respecting the brand universe, Vincent Darré showed that he is a committed artist who involves himself fully in every stage of the creative process.”

explains Sarah Mugnier.


The flamboyant necklace Neptune, a tribute to the powerful god of the seas and oceans who dons his starry adornment to reign equally over the celestial vault, keeping the sun and moon within reach.


The mysterious ring Venus, made from three inseparable rings, with a delicate beauty that subtly reveals its gold heart, celebrating love that is hidden or sparkles in plain sight, blessed by the goddess herself.


The earrings Calliope, named after the sublime muse of epic poetry, dance around to poetic verses, to the rhythm of Neptune’s gentle waves or storms, inspiring those who dare to approach and join the dance.


The imposing cuff bracelet Arion, inspired by the fiery companion nourished by gold and dreams, the immortal horse that Neptune ushered forth from the earth with a blow from his trident, brings luck and protection like a talisman.

Like an orchestra conductor, Sarah Mugnier has surrounded herself with a team of enthusiasts who have worked together to bring this new collection to life. Jewellers, an enameller, a jewel setter, a miniature painters, a 3D designer, gem dealers and an engraver all rose to the challenge and put their expertise at the service of Maison Belmont to create these extraordinary pieces




I remember it as if it were yesterday. Thursday, 24 March 2022 marked the start of an extraordinary creative adventure. All it took to lay the foundations was a meeting with Vincent Darré in Paris. This vision, this desire to offer aficionados and connoisseurs of jewellery a collection that is out of the ordinary, that defies all categories – a surrealistic, even surreal journey – was my dream.

In 2024 it is with undisguised pleasure that I am unveiling the result of this artistic collaboration – one that took two years to coax into life. Two years of creative joy, from Vincent Darré’s first drawings to unparalleled technical challenges and hours of research and experimentation, have thrilled us every step of the way.

An intensely fought battle between metal and enamel has highlighted the beauty of the art of jewellery making and of the handmade, subtly taming a material. The craftsmen and women involved in the project rose to this huge challenge, demonstrating masterly skill and pride. Taking time, and giving a project the time it needs are a value I hold dear. Time has become a priceless luxury these days, and it enabled us to realise a dream – of excellence in interpreting drawings, giving them shape and making them into reality. Time is like gold dust; it imbues these pieces with a special soul, a language, an origin and a future – a truth!

Above all, we were free. Free to contribute to the idea of re-enchanting the world through the magic of jewellery. The chance to offer an artist’s perspective, bringing inspirations and a world to life on surfaces as miniature as they are precious, gave me wings, buoyed by the elation of creating something new.

This creative process brought together artistic imaginations as well as historical and personal references. Our eyes met; the score was written by several hands. I wish to pay tribute to this collective work, which, thanks to the passion of everyone involved, has given birth to a fairy tale that is at once fantastic and phantasmagorical.

I would like to extend my warmest thanks to Vincent Darré for accepting a slightly crazy challenge, and present my greatest respect to the craftsmen and women.

May these creations live, travel and remain eternal!

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